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 ThatSongwriter.com is dedicated to the songwriter. As we know, songwriters have traditionally been buried in the fine print, if given any credit at all.

ThatSongwriter.com poses the question; Who writes the songs of your life?

Do you know the name of the songwriter that wrote the song you fell in love too? Do you know the name of the songwriters who wrote the song that defined your graduating class…or even defined your generation? Do you ever wonder, “What else did they write?” You’d be surprised! They’ve probably written many songs you would love.

The music business is a business of circumstance and of being in the right place at the write time; a business of momentum and of connection.

Traditionally, the general public has always picked their favorite music by the voice and talent of the singer/bands pushed and supported by conglomerates that have spent millions to promote “their artists.” Unfortunately, hundreds of writers, known and unknown, have written thousands of great songs that never see the light of day.

ThatSongwriter.com wants to shed  light on all those  songs the public never gets to hear. Great songs you would’ve fallen in love with if they had only been played on the radio.

ThatSongwriter. com also intends to she’d light on great writers from all over the world that never got their big break.

Come to ThatSongwriter.com and fall in love with your songwriter today.