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Mitch Stephen has been writing songs for over 40 years. He first pick up a pen after hearing the the album “Souvenirs” by Dan the early 1970s. It was his first conscious thought that someone had to sit down with a blank piece of paper and write the words and the melody from scratch.

Mitch plays no melodic instrument. His instrument is his voice; singing – acapella – in his simple voice, the words and the melodies arrive at the same time. He has a favourite guitarist and a favourite pianist he turns to and they chart the major chords of his songs. From there the arrangements are built; all under Mitch’s direction and ear. When the arrangement is right, he then chooses the the singer for each song and plays producer; making sure the words are pulled from the page in the spirit in which they were written in.

Mitch is an entrepreneur. With many business lives. He has said, “If God had given me the voice I wish I had, I’d have to work every weekend of my entire life…luckily, He just made me a writer.”
And after writing for over 40 years he adds, “…and I’m going to get good at it any day now.”

You may hear over 100 songs written or co-written by Mitch at his

You may learn about Mitch’s 23+ year career as a creative real estate investor and house flipper at Be sure to check out his book writing skills.

Mitch has authored 3 books in a series titled…

• Failing Forward to Financial Freedom
• 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties
• The Art of Owner Financing

Book Four coming Fall 2019

The reviews are incredible.
Also available on iTunes and
Autographed copies can be purchased at

Mitch Can be reached at…


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